For smart women suffering from stress, burnout, anxiety and exhaustion.


A personalized, 90-minute, virtual coaching session to help you regain calm, take back control and emerge energized and stress-proof!

We are all going through a uniquely challenging time right now.


It's unprecedented and it's something we've never been through before.

And a lot of folks are suffering.


You might feel overwhelmed, anxious, fearful, and out of control. 

Which is why I created the OVERCOMING OVERWHELM single virtual coaching session, to help you take a deep breath and refocus. To put your own oxygen mask on first so you can be there for the ones you love and show up in a way that serves you.

During your personalized, 90-minute session, we will CONNECT, DISCOVER, and formulate a PLAN to get you through each day. To go beyond surviving and truly start thriving, in spite of all the uncertainty.


You will get TOOLS you can use immediately, and strategies that you can put into place as soon as the session is over!

As a Harvard-educated physician, a certified Integrative Health & Wellness  coach, and a formerly stressed-out mom myself, I've been through a lot. I've suffered from chronic anxiety, PTSD, autoimmune disease and more. I've conquered them all and now lead a joyful and fulfilling life.

And I can get you there... 

Through the month of May, I am offering this customized 1:1 session at a special rate of just $149

(regularly $197)  for 90 minutes

Start feeling better today, by taking charge and taking back control to live life on your terms, with all the tools you need to go from merely surviving, to thriving.

Copy of Dr. Zarya Rubin, MD Integrative

I combine my years of medical training in neurology with my holistic nutrition education and background in meditation, mindfulness and yoga to give you the best combination of tools in my toolkit. See what satisfied clients are saying...

Proven Methods

Life is hectic and right now time may be tight juggling new responsibilities. Which is why this 90-minute session is the perfect antidote to stress, anxiety and overwhelm. We will engage in some deep dives and helpful exercises, and you will come away with new strategies and solutions you can start using right away.

Immediate Results

My unique superpowers include an extra dose of empathy, as well as a sharp, creative mind to tackle the most complex problems with lasting solutions. Together, we got this. I promise. Let me help take away some of the stress and fear so you can focus on the rest...


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